Ah the white shirt.

That staple piece that is mentioned over and over again in every fashion article possible. You are probably bored of it. But guess what? Those articles are right. Or almost right. Every man should own a versatile one colour shirt, maybe white isn't your colour, you might look much better in icy colours rather than white, but the concept still applies to you: a shirt you can rely on on a regular basis.

It's been talked about that much because it really is a piece every man should have in their wardrobe. If chosen correctly, it can be worn in many different ways, helping you achieve a broad spectrum of looks.

Perhaps you can't always use the same one, because materials vary depending on the function you need but all in all, having your staple colour shirts in your closet is always a good idea.

If you aren't a fan and want to have just one, shop for a piece that is as versatile as possible. Crisp but not too crisp, good quality fabric, breathable, easy to pair with a suit, jeans and maybe even shorts. Think winter and summer and the prospective of layering or wearing it alone.


Here are five looks that can be achieved with a white or icy colour shirt:


1. Business or dressing up.

This shirt is easy to pair with pretty much any kind of suit. Wear it with your usual business suit, maybe try a new tie knot (link). Or with a darker dressier suit for a cocktail or black tie party. This shirt is never a bad choice.


2. Going out.

You are having a night out with your mates, you want to look like you put on an effort but you are absolutely ditching the suit. What to do? Grab that trusty shirt and your favourite pair of dark jeans. Whether they are blue or black they will make you stand out. Don't button it all he way up, consider experimenting with vests or jackets et voilá.


3. Casual.

I know we are going towards Fall but let's keep the summer spirit by thinking of our next vacation. That's when a good way to pair your new acquired staple piece, is to wear it with white or lighter blue jeans. Choose a good leather belt, stick the shirt in and you are ready to go.


4. Safari.

Nothing like a good mix of light colours and khaki green if you are on adventure holidays. Choose it made of cotton, breathable and an easy match for those rougher trousers that can salvage your legs from the outside ''dangers''.


5. Beach.

Why not? Summer has come and passed and it was all about beachwear that could take you straight to the dinner or the cocktail bar. A nice shirt, no matter the colour, automatically elevates a nice pair of beach shorts into an acceptable socialising look. If you are planning any holiday time in warmer weather, give it a try. And let's keep this trend going into next summer please.

Do you wear white or icy colour shirts a lot?




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