Recently I wrote a post encouraging men to own a white shirt, or at a shirt in icy colours that can be as easy to match in different outfits as a white one would.

Forever framed as the queen of staple pieces, we ladies have been taking advantage of its versatility and convenience for decades.

Sometimes it's tough to find the right fit. The length you like, the tightness that it's comfortable on chest, waist and arms... But I think it's worth it to spend some time hunting for one that looks good on you, because it will quickly become your go to in moments of crisis.

It's important to point out that not everyone should own a white shirt, there are situations in which other colours would be more flattering to you, for example, if you'd like to balance a broader upper body with small hips. But the concept is that you should own a shirt of a colour that is as versatile as a white one is, for you it could be navy blue, or perhaps green.

If you want a white one, keep in mind that the closer the white to the colour of your teeth the better, and that not all shirts have been made equal. Find the cut and brand that suits your body and makes you look your best.

Depending on your body type and taste, you have many options:  a silky blouse one, a crisp masculine one (it could be tight or loose at the waist depending on your preference) or one that covers at least down to your hips and bum. There are many choices out there.


Here are five looks you can achieve with a staple shirt as the protagonist:


1. Lady-like.

Pair a silky blouse with any kind of skirt and your look will automatically become more feminine and soft, depending on the skirt it could be romantic or closer to business.


2. The French.

Wear it with a thin black lavalliere in a bow and paired with lack jeans. Maybe throw in a leather jacket too. One of the most infamous Paris looks.


3. Business.

A crisp shirt can be worn with a suit, or a skirt and a blazer, for corporate jobs. Depending upon your industry if the shirt is crisp enough, and you are wearing a well cut blazer, you can pair it with jeans and high heels and make it work for a business meeting too.


4. Going out.

You can do anything with it. If it's long, wear it as a dress, if it's a shorter blouse pair it with black leather trousers and heeled boots. The sky is the limit.


5. Casual.

If you are going on holidays to a place with warmer weather in the next months, and if you can get your hands on a long shirt that looks fabulous on you, you can jump on the trend of wearing it as a dress. Add a thin belt around your waist to flatter your curves, a nice hat and a chic pair of sandals, and you are ready for an afternoon under the sun!


How do you wear your shirts? Please share your ideas below!




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