Times really are changing, and for the better!, in the fashion industry.

Last month we got to see Bezgraniz Couture making its US debut at LA Fashion Week and leave all the attendants in awe with their fashionable and practical designs.

Bezgraniz Couture is a German-Russian based brand that specialises in clothing for people with disabilities.

The show was held at the Hollywood Athletic Club and paralympians and models populated the runway, artists, actors and ambassadors attended and spoke at the event.

The pieces are meant to be practical and trendy at the same time, keeping in mind the needs of different potential buyers.

You should be able to look chic no matter what. No wheelchair, crutches, etc should stop you from dressing to impress (particularly to impress yourself) and it was about time that the industry started to cater to this part of the population too.

 Their new collection is called Revolutionaries, it uses hi-tech fabrics and technologies to create stylish and functional clothing for wheelchair users and others with disabilities.

It was cool, it was inspiring and it was long overdue. More of this please.




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