The other day I stumbled upon a BBC article claiming that British women were ditching their high heels for fashionable trainers.

I must admit that they did base the article on some sort of consumer study and they obviously took into consideration what has been in runways and stores these past couple of years.

However, what seemed to seal the deal for them was the fact that Victoria Beckham has admitted that she can't do heels anymore (albeit at work). Gasps. Can you hear all British women gasping and taking hands to their mouths, shaking their heads ever so slightly thinking "well Victoria has ditched the heels, I guess this is the end, I'm going to throw all my pairs in the bin the second I get home".

I'm not making fun of Mrs. Beckham at all. She has a point and I think she's a good example of what's currently going on shoewear wise. Which isn't women ignoring heels in favour of trainers, no, what's happening is that these past few years good quality and killer designer flats and sport shoes have been made and marketed towards women.

This means that we live in an era when we have plenty of comfortable and trendy options. This means now we can choose. This means we can wear heels or flats or trainers to work or to a night out and feel chic. This means we can relegate each piece for the occasions we want. Perhaps we want to wear heels on Tuesdays. Maybe we only want flat shoes for the office. This means more freedom.

What this doesn't mean is that women are burning their high heels.

I invite you to go out and take a look around, in the street, in the tube, in a restaurant, even at work, do you really think women will give up on our secret weapon?

Not a chance.

But now we can decide how and when to use it.


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