Sometimes I think we are all still waiting for Nike to make the infamous Marty McFly trainers from Back to the future

Since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon, Virgin airlines has come to our rescue... Sort of.

They have designed and made a pair of futuristic trainers that can torn those nonexistent Nikes to pieces! 

They come with a mini TV, Wi-Fi, moonlighting, and a built-in phone charger.

Made of handcrafted Italian leather uppers, a stainless steel airplane seat belt buckle, a rubber out-sole, and crisp white outlook. They look as luxurious and as "trendy" as possible.

Not sure how comfortable they are but they definitely look cool.

Virgin has only made this one pair (that's being auctioned for charity) but could this be the beginning of a new era for trainers?

I've talked about smart clothing and the fusion between fashion and technology before in this blog. The possibilities are endless.

Could shoes like these be groundbreaking or a mere representation of a society that is frivolous and self absorbed?

What do you think?

I can't help but think that if Steve Jobs was alive, his brains would already be going through the countless market possibilities the new errr... iTrainers could have!



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