I've noticed that once the cold months of the year roll around, magazines start getting full of articles about Scandinavian winter habits and trends.

The Guardian put it really well in this article: Here.

Particularly what the Danish call hygge. Hygge is synonym of coziness shared with friends and family during those freezing winter days. A nice  fireplace, a nest made of blankets of different textures, hot cocoa, good beers and nice food shared with your loved ones.

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are known for their effortless practicality.? Making the complicated, simple.

And so their fashion choices reflect that philosophy.

Minimal colours, co-ords, good accessories and staple pieces fill their wardrobes.

Here's how to dress like them in an attempt to chase that regal chic they wear oh so graciously:


- Stick to a small palette.

Although they sport different types of styles just like any country, walking through the streets of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, you'll see a lot of black, a lot of white and a lot of grey.


- Monochromatic outfits.

If you pick grey as your colour of the day, make it grey trousers, grey sweater, grey boots, grey duffle coat, and a big scarf. Experiment with shades, but stay monochromatic.


- Play with textures.

Give a monochromatic outfit a bit of a twist using different fabrics. Don't be afraid to mix wool with suede, silk, cotton, leather... you name it.


- Find that perfect piece.

Most Scandinavians pay attention to the details. It doesn't matter if their style is casual or smart, they will take time to find the perfect basic piece.


- Personal touches.

But it's not all minimalist chic! Keep a few staple pieces that will leave people with their mouths open and wear them on special occasions. 


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