It's official.

Summer is long gone now and there's no way to deny it, it's cold. Here come the autumn misty mornings and somehow sunny (if lucky) afternoons, but the temperature drop is impossible to ignore.

It always feels like it's impossible to look stylish covered in layers of clothes and tugging at a scarf, but it really isn't. There is something special about every season and we have plenty work with.

Here are some of this season's trends that you could incorporate in your wardrobe to spice things up. As always, remember to be wise with your choices, not all trends are for everyone and many are just gorgeous art to indulge in by watching them.

Try ditching the more traditional blues, greys and blacks and experiment with different shades of copper.


Duffle coats aplenty.



Swap your bulky scarf for a fashionable neckerchief.


Well cut slightly baggy trousers.


Which are your season must haves to fight cold weather in style?


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