During the past decade we all have been paying more attention to our health.

Information ready for public consumption at a click (thanks internet!), health tracking systems supported by new technology, and the numerous studies and subsequent documentaries and books about food and its properties, have made us more health oriented, or at least more aware.

There is the fitness industry, that has grown to incredible amounts in the last few years (especially since it started catering to women). There are the food allergies tests. There are the hundreds of different supplements we can consume. And there is, of course, organic food.

Nowadays it's almost impossible to go into a supermarket in a big city without seeing organic products scattered here and there. Some brands carry more options than others. You'll be surprised which ones have them and which ones don't (I'm looking at you Whole Foods).

But what is the main difference between organic and regularly processed products? Is it worth it sticking to organic?

The answer is: probably.

Each country has its own regulations regarding organic food, some insist more on the old school farming method side of it and others are more concerned about the amount and type of pesticides used to grow vegetables and fruits.

Do your research and find out what matters most to you. If cost is an issue pick the products that matter most.

Most organic food has been a lot less exposed to chemicals than regularly processed products, which means it's less toxic to our bodies and therefore healthier.

But even if you wish to stick to an organic based diet, you might not always find every product you want.

Here's a little trick to wash off some of the impurities in non organic vegetables and fruits:

Fill a bowl with water and add a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda. Soak the them in there for a bit and then pat them dry.

Do you get out of your way to buy organic products?


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