Nowadays children have so many games and toy options that often times they move from one thing to the next without paying attention to anything for longer than 10 minutes.

I have a seven year old daughter who loves being active and likes games that keep her entertained and stimulated.

Perhaps you don't know what to get your kids for Christmas. Or maybe your child has a birthday party coming and you have no idea what to get their friend.


Here are five great board games for kids out there:


This game has won several awards and it isn't hard to guess why. It stimulates a young one's creativity and imagination playing with cards with gorgeous imaginary that are used to tell stories.


In this game full of mystery and historical references, children become renaissance merchants that are in a quest to design and make the best jewellery. It's cooler than it looks!


One of the best family board games out there. Everyone needs to figure out who the murderer is!

4. UNO.

This card game never gets old and can get as fast paced as you want and usually children like it the quickest and sloppiest the better.


Don't be afraid to teach your children how to play chess. It's one of the most rewarding games out there and the younger they start playing, the more they'll learn to enjoy it. Chess helps the players develops strategy tools that can be used in many other situations later in life.


Which are your kids favourite games?


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