It's December already somehow!

London is covered in lights, the ice rinks are open, and people queue to see The Nutcracker.

It must be Christmas!

But besides the lovely mood, the freezing nights (not really), the caroling and the prospective of nice food and family time, there's a shadow hovering over us: Christmas Gifts. Or more like the pressure to find the perfect present for someone we love.

In an attempt to help you and soften that burden, we will be publishing a few posts with some gift ideas we think should be considered. Hopefully we will inspire you!

Men have a reputation for being the hardest to buy for. Whether true or not, we all love that fuzzy feeling we get when we know someone has spent some time trying to find a present that will make us smile.

Here are some cool ideas to get the men in your life these Christmas:

- Eone x Kilimanjaro watch.

Stylish and original, you can check the time by touch or looking at it.

- The Cemetery of forgotten books collection by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Now that Zafón has finally released the 4th and last book of the saga, it's the perfect time to wrap them all up in a box set.

- Dr. Jackson's face oil.

This is what we call a multitasker. A luxurious blend of organic natural oils, it can be used after shaving, on top of a regular moisturiser. As a hand-cream and to style a haircut. The perfect winter companion to combat dryness.

- Structured brown bag with red linen from Oppermann. In soft leather.

Stylish yet classic. This bag can travel smoothly from the office to the gym.

- Amazon Echo Bot.

A smart PA. Do you need an Uber? Do you want to listen to music? Do you need to do the groceries or order food? Just ask your Amazon Echo Bot to do it.

- Experiences.

This Christmas consider gifting someone an experience. Perhaps one they can share with someone else.

You can buy them online or in department stores. There's an experience for every taste. Adrenaline, relaxation, adventure or a quick escapade. Taylor it for them and it will be a present they'll never forget. 

Happy shopping!


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