It's the season to be merry... and to worry about presents!

On Wednesday, we gave you a list of ideas for the men in your life, today it's the ladies turn!

We hope you find some inspiration in these suggestions. Do share with us what you would like to find under your Christmas tree!


- An Almala handbag.

Beautifully handcrafted. We think most women would love receiving one of these. A well built bag that looks stunning and that would be different from what they see regularly on the streets.


- Sarah Jessica Parker's collection shoes.

It feels like we've been waiting our whole lives for this. Who hasn't dreamt about owning a piece of Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe? 


- Purificación García jewellery

A good mix of classic and trendy designs, you can mix and match or choose one of the gorgeous necklaces and bracelets from the collection.


- HP Sprocket mobile printer

In this day and age we don't print pictures that much anymore. Not because we won't like to have them, but more because we don't even want to think about the hassle of going to a photography shop to do so.

HP Sprocket is a mobile photo printer, you can keep it at home or stick in your purse. You just need to send a picture from your mobile phone and it will print in photo paper or as a sticker!


- ByvTerry Limited Edition Imperlious Cream.

One shouldn't have to choose between receiving flowers or good skincare. By Terry thinks so too, so they've released a gorgeous limited edition imperlious cream that comes in a huge tub and surrounded by pink crystallised (real) roses that should last you over a year. 


- The Crow girl trilogy by Erik Axl Sund.

Perhaps the only ones that managed to fill the tremendous gap left by Stieg Larsson. This pair of Swedish writers wrote a brilliant trilogy that travels through the human psyche to find its horrors and its fears.


- Experiences.

As we mentioned on our post before this one, sometimes the best gift is an experience. Think carefully about the person you are gifting to and try to put a smile on their face with a bungee jumping afternoon, a spa day, a weekend escapade... you name it!


Photo by dorian2013/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by dorian2013/iStock / Getty Images

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