It's chilly outside. There's no denying it anymore.

Days are shorter and nights are getting colder.

Sometimes you just want to go home and know you have a nice hearty stew waiting to warm you up!

Here's one recipe you might want to try:


- 200g of dry red beans

- 150g of dry chickpeas

- 200ml of tomatoes passata 

- One chili pepper

- One onion 

- 500gr of curly kale 

- 5 big carrots 

- 6 medium tomatoes

- Salt

- Parsley

- Olive oil


- Leave the pulses soaking in a bowl from the day before, better if in bicarbonate of soda.

- Cut the onion and chili pepper and add them with a little bit of olive oil, to a pressure cooker pot. Stir fry until soft and golden.

- Cut the carrots and the tomatoes in small slices.

- Add the carrots to the onion and pepper mix. Keep on stirring for 5 minutes.

- Drain and rinse the pulses, then add them to the pot and stir them for another 5 minutes.

- Add the tomatoes and parsley to taste. Stir for another 10 minutes.

- Once everything is mixed, add the passata.

- After mixing it well, add the kale. Keep on mixing.

- Add boiling water to the mix, make sure there are roughly 4 fingers difference between the surface of the water and the legumes.

- Add salt and a bit of olive oil, mix and put the pressure cooker lid on.

- Cook for 30/40 minutes (check your pressure cooker manual) from pressure point.


And ready to eat!


Let me know if you try it  and if you've enjoyed it. 


You can cook a bit batch and keep it in the fridge/freezer for those cold nights when you need some comforting.


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