We are officially in the holiday season!

Family time, perhaps a couple of days off, tons of food and celebrations.

If there is something that defines December is parties. Be it family ones, business dinners or reunions with friends, we all try and get together to celebrate, and with it comes the pressure of what to wear. We want to dress properly and festive without overdoing it, let it show that it's a special occasion.

Here are a few outfit suggestions for every single one of those commitments, from the Christmas work dinner, to a night out with your friends, to Christmas Day and New Year's Eve:


Work dinner;

You want to dress up a little but without going full on festive. You will probably head to the celebration straight from the office so adapting your day look will be key.

That day choose a different suit than the ones you regularly wear, perhaps one you use in more special days, ditch your day to day shirts and go for a bolder colour, try a dark/black one if you usually wear white and pale ones, give a bright colour a chance maybe. Match the tie with the colour of your shirt and consider adding a pocket handkerchief of the same colour too.

Simple yet effective.


Night Out:

Suede and velvet are kings right now. Pick your favourite trousers and match them with a suede or velvet jacket, it can be a bomber or a blazer depending on your style. Pair it with a roll neck top in the same colour and go for moccasins, another seasonal hit. 


Christmas Day:

On the 25th we all enjoy a little bit of quirkiness. If you are a big defender of Christmas jumpers or you are heavily encouraged by family to wear one, create a look around it for the fun of it. Wear it with a pair of good jeans rolled all the way up to your ankles, choose ankles socks that match the central colour of your jumper and pair them with pointed shoes. You might not want to get caught dressed like that outside of your house but it is indeed a day to be spent with the family!


New Year's Eve:

Everyone does NYE differently, I have three suggestions for you:


  1. A colourful suit, burgundy, cerulean, khaki green, with a pale shirt and a skinny tie.
  2.  Slim cut black slacks with with a shirt and black braces.
  3. Dark skinny jeans, with ankle boots, silk blouse with a lavaliere. 


Have you decided what you are going to wear yet? Tell me in the comments below!


Happy Holidays!


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