On my last post I talked about the holiday season and the pressure to have the perfect outfit for every occasion we are invited too.

December might be the season to be jolly but it also comes with commitments and quite a lot of socialising. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate our own wardrobes and pick the perfect combinations, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from.

Remember that these are just that, ideas, you should always adapt them to your own style and body shape, play with them and make them your own!

For Christmas outfits for him, click here.


Work dinner:

As I've mentioned in my last post about men's looks, most of us go to these straight from work, we have no time to head home and get changed, so we must work with something that will work with our day schedule too.

Think flares. Bell bottoms are back in trend and can be worn in many ways. You can choose a neutral colour, such as black, navy blue or grey, choose them in cotton and they will fall even better. Pair them with high heeled wedges to round the chic 70s look and top it with a ruffled top. 


Night out:

Velvet, velvet and velvet. Wear a velvet dress in the shape that flatters you best, slip ons are very trendy right now. Dark green, red, burgundy or black are your colours. Let the dress be the statement and pair it with neutral tights and high heels. Don't forget to accessorize. 


Christmas Day:

On the 25th you probably want to be warm, want to be comfortable and want to look good. Choose a cosy short roll neck in a tone that suits you and pair it with a suede mini skirt and ankle boots. Consider choosing a suede skirt with patterns or different colours.


New Year's Eve:

Like for men, I also have three options for you:


  1. Silky slip on dress over a see through or lace 3/4 sleeve top.
  2. High waist shimmery trousers with a v neck blouse tucked inside and very high heels.
  3. Long lace skirt (extremely trendy at the moment) paired with a lace top and high heeled boots.


What are your favourite trends for the holiday season?


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