The other day we talked about Scandinavian fashion and how to try and emulate their effortlessly cool vibes. We also mentioned Britain and British style. Today we are going to try and dissect how to achieve that je ne sais quois that the French have mastered so well!

They are easy to spot in foreign cities and when you are the one walking around in their country, you are the one that stands out, either you look like you tried too hard or too little.

That's perhaps the key point of French style: look like you haven't put much of a thought behind your appearance and look, create that illusion. Make sure you master it.

Get ready to spend some time defining your personal look in detail, create outfits that scream "I've got out of bed like this and I still look fabulous".


Besides that, keep in mind:


- Black, white and red.

Pretty much any combination of these colours will help you start up your French style.

A white blouse with a black lavalliére (it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman), black jeans with a perfectly cut blazer, black and white stripped tops, you name it. Then throw some red into the mix: a red bag, a red scarf, a red skirt, a red hat... you get the idea.


- Leather.

It doesn't matter if you only own one leather piece, as long as it's good quality. Think leather jackets, handbags and belts.


- Hats

Fedoras, beanies and, of course, berets.


- Minimal makeup/accessories

If you wear makeup let it be minimal. If you want to make a statement choose between a red lip or black pencil smudged on the sides of the eyes.

Tone down the accessories, very minimal jewellery. Never forget a good scarf.


And above all, have fun!


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