It was perhaps the most anticipated series at the end of summer.

The first timea continental-European public national broadcaster has collaborated with a major subscription video on demand platform, a global distributor and a British production company, on an English-language drama.

The Collection hasn't disappointed, a tv drama set around a fashion house in Paris that emerges during the nazi Occupation in World War II, is full of glamour, fashion history (Dior among others), historical drama and interesting characters.

I've added the show to my list of the Top 5 tv series you can find fashion inspiration in, the name next to the likes of Sex and The City and Mad Men, and The Collection was there for a reason. Every single episode has been tailored to the detail, from the wardrobe to the atmosphere, the dialogues and the plot.


Watching The Collection feels a little bit like a treat!

The only thing I find a bit strange is the accents, they don't seem to get them right!


Here are a couple of my favourite looks so far:


If you haven't watched it yet, I really recommend you give it a try over the holidays. You can watch it on Amazon Video.


Which TV shows have you been watching lately? Which ones would you recommend me?



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