Fashion is inspired by many forms of art and likewise, different kinds of media, are influenced by fashion.

I gave you a few recommendations for fashion related books and films in the past, now it's the time for TV shows.

More people follow TV series than watch films regularly, which means their level of influence is higher than the one the movies have!

Think about it. You watch the same characters week after week for a few seasons, they somehow become part of your life, almost like friends. So it's no wonder they end up being trend setters.

But wardrobes aside, these shows aren't just about the clothes, they will make you laugh out loud, smile and perhaps even cry.

Here are five TV shows I recommend that are connected to fashion in some way. These are five favourites but there are many more out there! Don't hesitate to share your favourites in the comment section or Twitter!

1. Sex and the City.

2. The Good Wife.

3. The Collection.

4. Suits.

5. Mad Men.


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