Someone told me once that new projects should be both exciting and a bit scary but always treated with respect. And it's with respect and lots of excitement that we are approaching this new adventure! A Colpo D'Occhio blog!

Colpo D’Occhio’s mission is to make your inner self shine, my expertise as a fashion stylist and lifestyle consultant can help you improve your life and appearance creating that magical wardrobe that will always make you look your best and managing the little things that make life a bit easier, such as planning a move, cataloguing all your clothes, buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones and so on. We've got you covered!

But life isn't just about fashion and clothes, here we are hoping to create a space where a big range of topics can be discussed, current news, art, travels, London, books... you name it! We will be posting regularly and we can't wait to hear what you have to say, if there is any subject you'd like us to talk about please do write it in the comments, this blog is also for you!

Our jobs don't define us, it's the little things that make us who we are, our favourite food, the films we keep watching again and again, the newspapers we check first thing in the morning, the schools we went to, the people who inspire us... All of these make us unique, rounded. By giving you a sneak peek into our world we want you to get to know us better and try and create a community of likeminded individuals who feel comfortable talking about anything that makes life life.

Going about without an opinion it's like being a little bit naked, let's wear ours with style!