During half term I went with my daughter and some friends to Barcelona for a few days.

People don't exaggerate when they say that it's one of the most magical cities in Europe: from the hidden squares in the old boroughs, to the hip art galleries and Gaudi's creations, Barcelona has something spectacular for everyone.

A good friend lent us his cosy flat at the heart of Gracia which gave the whole experience a more unique touch. The neighbourhood was buzzing with cultural activities such as the Human Towers -I'll get back to that later-, excellent restaurants, a traditional Spanish market and typical convenience stores full of fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts, home-made bread... anything you could dream of!


The Castells -that's how the Human Towers are called- are a Catalan tradition that dates back to the 18th century. The castellers build towers that can be up to 10 human stories high, with a small child placed on top.

Although the escapade was short we still had time to visit the Gothic quarter and Paseo de Gracia with its classic hot chocolate and ensaïmadas, quirky and high end shops and a mixture of old and modern architecture.

And of course, the beach! We were blessed with sunny weather so that's all the children could think about!

There is a little bit for everyone in Barna, foodies can enjoy fresh seafood prepared in many different ways, art lovers can visit one of the numerous museums and monuments, if you enjoy the coast you can either go to one of the city beaches or drive for a few minutes and discover a few beautiful calas.

Fashionistas are well provided too with a huge range of high end shops and national designers.

 I've recently discovered Lupo's bags, a heritage brand that has been working with the best quality leather since the 20s! You should check them out! I wanted them all!


The sunshine, the colours and the warmth of the locals made us dream of maybe moving there someday! What do you think? Have you been in Barcelona? Should we go for it and move there?