Last week we talked about how personal style is more crucial than following any trend, but we also said it's fun to incorporate fashionable bits and pieces from the runway here and there. Learning how to interpret trends for your body type, colours and personality will place you a step ahead.


Today I want to write about what's new for menswear this spring and summer. If we look at the fashion shows, and what the high street shops are putting out, we find a very eclectic mix: 


- Denim everywhere, from jackets to trousers, to shirts... If it's slightly distressed even better! 


- Green and soft grey are kings during this warm season too. 


- Suede jackets in earth colours.


- A well cut posh safari look with pockets as the main characters.


- So long skinny jeans! The time for wide trousers has come! Baggy if you are going for a casual outfit, wide and tailored if you want to smart it up!


- Pyjama inspired fabrics, above all silk, with Chinese inspired embroidery.


Fashion designers are mixing the 90s rave culture with the 80s beach trends and a touch of 70s tailoring. But everyone seems to agree on one thing: Asian designers are in vogue! More on Asian designers in a post soon to come.


With such a landscape, it can be difficult to choose what to take and what to toss. Every season some trends will be easier to adapt than others. Many things should be taken into consideration: type of fabric, weight, cut, shape, colour... 


A trend that is easy to adapt is denim. It is a wagon we can all jump onto, but keeping in mind what works best for us. If you have more of an angular body type, you will benefit from structured denim, with some stiffness and weight to it. If your body has softer lines, a lightweight denim that drapes will flatter you the most. Similarly you can adapt denim to your colours: if you are pale and have light hair and eyes, a lighter tone of blue will complement you better, if you are darker you can play with deeper tones. 


At the opposite spectrum of adaptability are pyjama trousers or tops, they are not a trend everyone will want to flaunt! With this type of trend is not just about cut and fabric that will complement your shape and colours, it will really be determined by your personality and how you like to express it. It is a more risqué trend, which only a few will want to experiment with. A more conservative way to incorporate it would be investing in a nice silk handkerchief or tie with Chinese embroidery. 


The sun and the prospect of holidays usually encourage us to try new things, could now be the time to think about your image?