Call it casualty or fate, but thanks to Paola not being able to attend yesterday's bloggers meet up, because she was flying back to London from the States, I got the chance to meet a bunch of really inspiring women.

And what a chance that was! I had so many interesting conversations and exchanges of ideas, recommendations and tips, that I wished I could have been writing down notes all the time. I feel like I left the 30-40 bloggers meet up a little bit wiser and more optimistic after listening to all that talent.

So many incredible life stories, business projects, women who have been blogging for over 10 years, women who have only just started and have a lot to say. I was surprised The Imperial wasn't vibrating a little.

Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb, managed to put together an amazing and diverse group of women, something I already noticed 30 minutes in. There was something in the air, you could tell. I can't thank everyone enough for how kind they were to a newbie and accidental outsider like me. I felt at home almost instantly.

I arrived there a bit nervous and unsure about how the day was going to go, but I left knowing I had made some really cool new friends.

The whole event ran smoothly, from beginning to end. From the initial networking time we enjoyed with a taste of Prosecco while peeking into the Goody-Bag they gave us when we got there, to Catherine's talk about her experience as a blogger in a niche that hadn't been tapped in the UK before; to Nayna McIntosh and her team telling us the story of HOPE, a new UK based fashion brand focused on middle aged women that don't want to sacrifice comfort over looking fabulous. They were incredibly generous and gave every single one of us a gorgeous fuchsia cashmere poncho from their new collection.

That's the pink poncho! Right there!

That's the pink poncho! Right there!

We managed to raise some money for charity with a raffle – I was so lucky I won an amazing lot of books! We laughed, we ate, we drank, we listened to each other stories... And everyone looked so stylish with really well developed personal touches, I can't help but wonder, will I ever be this cool when I grow up?