I've never been much interested in getting fit.

I don't like sports, if I’m not watching them.

Or the gym.

Or sweating too much, unless I’m on a hot beach, lying down on a lounge chair with a drink in my hand.

Running bores me.

Do you see the pattern?

I can't help but wonder, how do so many of you jump into your workout clothes first thing in the morning and happily put your body through hell for the next 60 minutes? I say happily because, judging by everyone's smiley Instagram pictures, there is no other place you'd rather be! I see all that positive energy and I frown thinking there are so many other places I’d rather be! Enjoying a nice breakfast, reading a good article, working with a client... experiencing life instead of self inflicted torture! Do you know what I mean?

However, I DO need to get fit.

I know it'll make me healthier and will probably boost my energy levels. I want the results everyone is promising, but for me to stick to something it has to be fun, creative, challenging... Am I missing some ground-breaking information here? Perhaps I haven't approached this the correct way? For a few years I actually went to the gym regularly, but I soon realised I wasn’t going to do it on my own.  A Personal Trainer was my solution. I hired and fired lots of them, my view for a long time was: do I really want someone to kick my butt into movement so to speak? Wouldn't that make me hate it even more? It turns out some were great and some actually made me hate it even more. The great ones were a big help in making the gym part of my routine. When my life was very hectic I discovered yoga and fell in love with it. I practised regularly with a yogi. And then I just stopped. As soon as my routine changed I went back to being my usual uninterested-in-fitness self. 

The new Selfridges active wear collection Body Studio is gorgeous! Could this be the answer?

The new Selfridges active wear collection Body Studio is gorgeous! Could this be the answer?

Over the years I’ve tried again: took swimming lessons, went back to yoga and loved it, tried running again, got into military fitness classes. But nothing sticks. I’ve been dreaming of taking dance classes, somehow I never seem to find a class that suits my schedule. When someone tells me about the new fitness craze I think "That could be fun", but I usually don't try it. There’s always a reason to skip exercising in whatever form. 

For sometime I wondered if those boring boring boring black leggings left somewhere at the back of my wardrobe were the cause? Maybe that's what I needed to put me into motion, cool work out gear! Nice active clothes. Is that the real reason you are all smiling? Is it the colourful trainers and comfy tops doing? Not for me evidently.

I'm ready to try anything new at this point. Now that summer is approaching - and with it hopefully sunny weather - there must be something new and exciting I can try to tackle this issue once and for all! I really need your help fitness enthusiasts, I know you are out there, please do share your secrets with me! How do you keep yourselves motivated? What do you recommend I should try? Group lessons? Adrenaline? Suspended yoga? Pink Addidas? Should I share my fitness journey publicly and basically put myself to shame if I don’t stick with it? Will the public humiliation be enough of an incentive?

Or should I just go to Lululemon, buy some fancy outfit and stroll down the street to my favourite place for brunch, book in hand and call it a win?

Disclaimer. For those of you who don’t know me personally I’ve got to say that I’m a very determined person, who always sees the end of whatever I started, I’m quite resourceful and resolute. I practically never give up. Unless it’s exercising...




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