Last week I went to Philadelphia to celebrate, with my Wharton friends, 20 years since we graduated. Visiting Wharton made me a little bit nostalgic of the "good ol' days" when learning and partying were the main focus of our lives! 

I remember a completely different city. Philadelphia was greyer and more chaotic in the late 90s, but now it has grown into a vibrant metropolis full of colour and cool new spots waiting to be found. There are new businesses blossoming in every district, and the cultural scene IS hip! Music, art, fashion... you name it!


I really hope Cici, my daughter, has the opportunity to go to college there too. UPenn would be such a great choice for her!

I loved the hotel I stayed in, Hotel Monaco, it’s located right in front of the famous Liberty Bell. Elegant, clean and well decorated. Super cool. Perfect for a short escapade.

Although it was a quick trip, I still had time for some general sightseeing and to visit the Museum of Arts, considered by many the cultural heart of Philly. They had a very interesting exhibition about International Pop and American Print Art Work from 1940 to 1960, and I was lucky enough to catch the last day of it.

It was fantastic catching up and seeing where everyone is in life these days. Everyone has been very successful in so many different ways. It was priceless seeing their faces when they found out I switched careers from finance to personal styling! But they mostly agreed I was always the most stylish and they still remember some of my fancy outfits from back then! 

I even had time to pay old "Ben" a visit and see what he's been up to!

A weekend full of lovely memories and new discoveries and, maybe, just maybe, a few regrets after I started feeling the consequences of partying and jet lag like a truck on my flight back! Just kidding of course, never any regrets!!




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