I've done my fair share of partying, I've been to more weddings than I can remember and luckily enough they have been all over the world.

It's without a doubt that I can say that nobody can party like the Latin Americans and the Middle Easterns. Nobody I mean it. Well... The Greeks are not bad themselves!

So it was with much excitement that, when my invitation arrived a few months ago for the wedding of a dear former colleague of mine in Athens, i was like "yeah we are going!"

Thanks to crazy London traffic, Cici and I had a very eventful trip to the airport, managed to check-in when they were closing our flight, but made it.

The babysitter I had booked never showed up, so Cici ended up coming to the wedding much to her excitement.

And what a wedding it was. Bride and groom are from the Middle East, and they can throw a party. The setting was gorgeous, the food amazing, the drinks kept flowing, and everybody had a blast.

Special mention to the women. They were gorgeous. Starting of course with the bride, whom my daughter defined "the best dressed", every woman was glamorous. Their gowns, their hair, their jewellery, their make up, it was all top notch.

I'm very often critical and sometimes wonder about people's fashion choices, but not last night. It was all about elegance, glamour and class.

Everything was perfect

P.S. Lots of pictures from the back but I'd like to be mindful of everyone's privacy.





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