Fashion and style aren't considered art forms for nothing. Both have inspired people over the centuries, especially in the last 150 years. They have inspired us in our day to day life, but also helped create some beautiful tangible things like books and films.

In the books compartment, they have inspired the creation of aesthetically pleasing works, stories portraying the fashion industry and the many men and women who live in it; and informative and historical encyclopedias that serve as a reminder of where we come from - it's not all just about wars and monarchs, cultural movements cast a deeper look into who we are.

From sartorial collections to witty novels, from encouraging a lifestyle to teaching us about the origin of the suit, Coco Chanel's story and why the 60s fashion revolution was so important, if you look deep enough, there is a book about fashion for everyone.

Use the big, thick, pretty ones as coffee table ornaments, they are art works in themselves. Take a paperback copy of a good story for your commute this morning. Read about your favourite designer, and how they became the person we know them as, for a few minutes before bed. Soak in the photography and the allure around them. Do anything you want with them, but keep them close, they will constantly find ways to inspire you in aspects you wouldn't expect and in areas of your life you didn't think they could tap into.

As I've mentioned in my other post, I'm not very good at making lists, so while I'm waiting for your recommendations, I've asked some of my friends to give me their favourites and these are the Top 5 I've put together:


1. How to be Parisian. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas.

Think of this book as a conversation with your best female friends about everything that matters and doesn't matter in life. Always the Parisian way of course!

2. Coco Chanel: An intimate life. Lisa Chaney.

Will we ever know ''the real'' Gabrielle Chanel? Probably not. And that's part of the magic!

3. Nylon: The Story of a Fashion Revolution. Susannah Handley.

It was 1939, and a new fabric had arrived to New York that was about to change everything.

4. D.V. Diana Vreeland. 

Editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue's editor in chief, Diana takes us on an adventure of fashion discoveries and anecdotes.

5. The beautiful and the damned. Scott Fitzggerald. 

The fabulous 20s in New York penned by Fitzgerald's beautiful prose.


What about you? Do you read books about the industry or any kind of story where fashion is a big part?
Send me your picks and we can write down a longer list together!




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