Linking with the story I mentioned the other day about a temp female worker not being allowed to do her job in flat shoes, I stumbled upon two very interesting articles that expand more on the topic of uniforms and dresscodes in the workplace.

The New York Times published a very informative one about the history of uniforms in a job environment and how they influenced fashion.

And The Atlantic uploaded another one about the peak of business casual and how things might have gotten a bit out of hand.

Personally I think it depends on the sector you are working in, your position within the company, where you are working from and what you want your image to be. I've said it before and you will find me repeating it over and over again: clothing is a language, so use it to make sure the right message gets across.

We talked about this before, whether we like it or not, the way we dress affects the way others see us. Whether you are a lawyer, a banker, work in finance, a CEO of any company from the creative industry to the most conservative ones, a geeky tech or an art director, dressing for your job is important. Whether it gives you authority, or it makes you part of the tribe, you automatically become more trustworthy. So while in certain environments you are fine with jeans and flip flops, in other more conservative situations you need to pay more attention. A dresscode, the correct one, oozes respect for better or worse.

Someone mentioned on Twitter the other day that they wouldn't want to be attended by a doctor in sportswear, so there you go. Of course the outfit won't change the doctor's knowledge, but a smart approach and a white robe might give the patient calm and confidence. It's psychological, I know, but that's how it works.

There is a quote from a Steven Spielberg's film 'Catch me if you can' based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr. - such a great story! - it's meant to be a real quote from Frank's father, while on the topic of wearing a uniform and dressing up to gain respect: ''You know why the Yankees always win, Frank? Because the other team can't stop looking at the pinstripes''







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