Last month I wrote a post about the lack of fitness in my life and my wish (i.e. obvious need) to start integrating it. I have pledged to try different things until I find something I can stick with. Till now I had only managed to chat about it with two dear friends of mine, a Pilates Teacher and a Personal Trainer. While I wait to hear their suggestions...

This morning, after leaving Cici in school, I went to a lovely park in Chelsea with three other brave women, and had a training session with Boyana, another good friend of mine. She's a qualified Personal Trainer who offers different kinds of tailored services. Have a look at her website to find out more about what she does and how to contact her.

The work-out lasted roughly an hour and, by the end of it, I could really feel it. I feel kind of comfortable with strength training, but cardio is definitely something in the "Hate" category! The workout was quite comprehensive, in that it worked many parts of our body with some specific focus on the nasty bits. We all complained only a little (in my book a workout is not a workout unless you complain...) but overall we all felt tomorrow will be tough to get out of bed.

Here are some pictures of the exercises we did.

Let's see how much pain I am in tomorrow!!



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