Continuing with the new section in this blog: TOP 5 lists, and after seeing that my list about books got quite a bit of traffic, I've decided to make another list about films.

We talked before about how fashion has influenced many different types of art and aspects of our lives and culture. Perhaps the most visual result is the one shown on the big screen.

Fashion and cinematography's relationship is one that was built little by little, it was subtle, starting with what actors and actresses were wearing in the Hollywood of the 40s and ending with proper movies dedicated exclusively to the industry: documentaries about fashion magazines, biopics about models and designers, satirical stories about the industry and endearing ones.

We can say without a shadow of doubt that, today, fashion is a relevant part of every movie. There is a whole lot of people dedicated just to that and important awards are handed for those responsible of making us dream.

There are hundreds of films we could mention that nailed the art of telling a fashion story or where fashion played an important role , but I have forced myself to narrow it down to 5, although I could easily think of many more as relevant and enthralling.

1. Midnight in Paris.

2. The Devil Wears Prada.

3. Vogue: September Issue.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's

5. Yves Saint Laurent.

I'm actually going to cheat and have some honourable mentions in a specific category. I'm sure you all know of the man of many talents: Karl Lagerfeld. Adored by many. Hated by probably even more. It is undeniable that he's good at what he does, be it designing clothes, photography or directing a short film.

Since he's been at the heart of Chanel he has blessed us with a selection of gorgeous short films, I feel like it would be an absolute crime not to at least mention them here. He used them as an organic way to show certain collections. If you haven't watched them already, I encourage you to do so, you will slip into a dream, a dream only Wonderland could compare to. You can watch them all for free on Chanel's Youtube chanel. He's made many, but my favourites are:

1. Once upon a time.

The story of how Coco opened her first shop in Paris re-imagined.

2. The tale of a fairy.

Opulence and family business.

3. Once and forever.

You just have to watch it, it can't be explained!


I hope you enjoy them! What do you think about fashion and films? Do you have any favourites I should be watching?




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