You see the problem with topics such as body image and ageing is that everything is subjective.

Actually, scrap that, the problem is that everyone has an opinion.

And that society's opinion is ever changing.

So one day everyone is scared to their bones about looking one inch out of place, the one wrinkle, the one grey hair, the small layer of loose skin. God forbid! And the next, we are all criticizing the cult to perfection so we say we believe in ageing gracefully but we don't really mean it, we are only trying to make it harder for those who want to do something about it, meaning: don't look one inch older than you should (whatever that elusive "more than you should" means) but make sure no one knows you are doing something about it.

And that leads us to our present.

Tons of articles are written every single week about liberating women from the chains of silly standards of beauty. Embrace the change with a smile, a coquette smirk and flair. À la Coco Chanel. I don't think society has ever been more into the idea of finally letting women be. And I say women because although I'm sure men are also affected by body image and the effect of ageing, I don't think the pressure they suffer can be comparable to what the other half of the population has been enduring for centuries.

Now, the issue I have with all of this is that I haven't been consulted on this new ideals. Has any of you received a call about this matter? Some secret survey I have missed that perhaps was sent with our taxes? Because I think it's time to let us decide what we want to do. Do we want to not care about it and just accept change? Do we want to live with some acquired features that come with the older and wiser and maybe change others? Or do we want to do whatever we want and look however we want without being judged for once?

Just like we should be allowed to not meet any kind of ridiculous standard of youth permanently, we should also be allowed to look 30 forever if we wish to. Will some people laugh or whisper behind our back in either case? Most likely. Should we care if it makes us feel better about ourselves? Not one single bit is my take. I think all those looking down to and whispering about women who want to do treatments or even consider the knife to improve or modify their appearance must stop. But they won't, so we should just ignore the noise. 

And believe me, in some shape or form, we all have thought about ageing. That first time you notice a big change in your face is priceless. You don't understand when that showed up! You are 100% sure that you looked like always the day before and all off a sudden poof! You are a different person, or a different version of that person. It's a quite a shock, one that sometimes can affect your self esteem and make you uncomfortable with yourself. Who doesn't remember that first strand of white hair?

Many times a few non invasive treatments are enough to give us back our reality and feel a million pounds again, others we might want to be more radical and have longer lasting effects. Some of us are afraid of the knife, some others think about it forever and finally go for it. Some will never do anything, whatever the reason.

The great news is we have options.

This a subject that has interested me for some time but I have never researched thoroughly, but that's about to change. I want to be able to compare treatments, clinics, new procedures, see what's new out there and write about it here. Would you like to help me out? Share your story and experiences with me. Have you done anything to yourself? Would you like to? Are you against it and why? Please let me know, I'll love to hear what you have to say about this.




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