In my quest to convince myself that fitness is something I want to enforce in my life, I've been trying different things in search for that one work out that would interest me enough to keep me motivated.

Two weeks ago, three other brave women and I had a training session with my friend Boyana at a lovely park in Chelsea, I told you all about it in a post.

Because I promised to keep you updated on my progress, here are the latest ''news'' regarding my fitness experience:

- Last week, I went to a Lomax blast class early in the morning, I had heard good things about their sessions so, armed with motivation, off I went. We did a one hour circuit and, although afterwards I was fine, the following day all my body could feel it! If every inch of your anatomy is in pain... it must mean that it's working, right? I'm not sure if I'll give it another go or not, but at least I have two training sessions under my belt now!

- This week I discovered fitness and nutrition Youtuber Joanna Soh. She's gentle and has bags full of tips, so I'm considering trying one of her Boot Camp videos for beginners. I know many are raving about the advantages of tailoring your own work-out routines with the help of Youtube videos, and the personal trainers behind them had amassed a big following. They teach pilates, HIT, yoga, strength training... and everything in between. So I think I might try it and see if it works for me. It does look convenient but... will I really make myself do it? We'll see.

Have you ever tried working out with Youtube videos? Are there any Youtubers you like and you could recommend me besides Soh?




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