The most common request I have from my clients is the full "makeover" package: how do we go from the wardrobe they already have and don't feel comfortable with to a wardrobe that allows them to shine, feel confident and avoids the stress of making a choice whether for everyday wearing or for that one important occasion? 

This package involves 3/4 steps depending upon the actual size of the closet, how many pieces are missing and how versed the client is in maximising the use of each piece.

Detox: Have an honest heart to heart with your wardrobe and get rid of everything you don't like, you don't wear, it's in a bad condition, doesn't fit or doesn't ring true to you anymore. De-cluttering is the first step for a better idea of what we need to work on!

Shop: What is the state of your closet? Is it cohesive? Put together? Do you have any items missing and if so which ones? What flatters your body type and features? After a thorough analysis of your wardrobe, personality and lifestyle let's find the right pieces to complete your outfits or create new looks from scratch.

Style: Throughout the process choose what kind of style you are going for, do you already have an established personal style? Are you looking for a bit of a change? Considering your personality and lifestyle is key during this process. Learn about cuts, fabrics, how an items should fall on you, what colours work best and how to remain stylish since you wake up until you go back to sleep. Learn how to maximise the value of your new wardrobe so that all your purchases make it into your looks.

Transform: Let's make sure your wardrobe is organised in a way that allows you to see and find everything: functional and pleasing to the eye.

The way that I approach this package is like this:

First of all I always have a meeting with a client to listen to their needs and what they want/expect from my services, I have a questionnaire that we can go through together so I can find out as much as I can about them. If the client is in a rush and wants to skip the initial consultation I email them the questionnaire to find out more specific details about them that will help me during the whole process.

If we haven't met previously, on the first day working together, I establish their body archetype, shape, features, colours, etc, so I can determine what kind of cuts, fabrics, colours and styles would make them look their best. After that we get into curating mode! We go through every single item in their wardrobes together, jackets, coats, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, ties, jewellery... you name it.

With all the knowledge I gathered from our first session, I prepare a shopping tour and orientative lookbook so we can tackle all the different pieces that need to be covered.

Shopping day/s has arrived! Armed with a clear strategy, I take them to the shops I think would suit their needs best and we start trying items until we find that perfect one. 

Throughout the process and in a specific session dedicated to it, I help the client put together different outfits with everything they have in their new wardrobe, and answer all the questions they might have. I teach them how to style various garments so they can be used in different ways and occasions, how to use colors to express certain moods or create a certain impression.

The wardrobe needs to be organised in the most efficient way so depending upon the size of the wardrobe itself I either explain how to do it or the last thing I do is to physically organise it in a separate session. 

It looks like a long and detailed process - and it is - but I think it's needed to make sure that the results are good and everyone is satisfied.

I always say that, although there are many personal stylists out there, you have to find one you are comfortable with. He or she might have to take you out of your comfort zone and you need to be able to trust them and their judgement. You are making an investment and you want to maximize your return. Look for someone who will spend the time to understand your personality, your lifestyle and your needs; someone who knows and understands which brands and designers cut for your body type. 

You want them to invest in you as much as you invest in them. Find a stylist who will notice those little things others sometimes don't. Recently I was at a reputable tailor with a client, he was buying a made to measure suit, and the alterations made just weren't right. They looked okay, but they didn't look perfect. Hadn't I been there with him, he wouldn't have noticed - it was mainly at the back - and he would have left with a very expensive suit that wasn't tailored to perfection. After all the place we went to was top notch. They will have to make the suit again, let's see the results this time.

A great stylist will have your interests at heart for the long term. It's a partnership.




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