If there is a trend that has taken over everything from fashion, to décor, to Youtube, it has to be minimalism.

Some cross it as a fad that will inevitably fade, just like all hip things do. However, minimalism as a philosophy of life has always existed; and although the trendy part that affects style and aesthetic might seem superficial, there is still an element of mindfulness and aversion to clutter to it all.

You could say that the Buddhist monks that live with very little physical things are minimalist. You could also say that people who live by the laws of Feng Shui and constantly de-clutter are too. And the woman who likes very simple and functional décor and curates her clothes turning them into a capsule wardrobe; and the teenager that only wears white, black and nude colours and has a clean aesthetic Tumblr, and the man who decides to go paperless and organises everything in his life electronically; and the vegans and environmentalists that want to use as little of the Earth resources as possible...

That's the thing with minimalism. It means something different to everyone and no one is wrong.

Sometimes we mistakenly identify it with very simple colours, like white and black, but there is no reason why a minimalist environment or wardrobe can't look colourful too. It's all about preference. The philosophy is about simplifying processes, whether they look like a rainbow or a grey scale is up to you!

Some adopt it in one area of their lives and it works for them. Others make it a lifestyle.

What I think some of these people have in common is that they all want to live colourful lives, full of experiences, without being weighted down by possessions and clutter. It's not always a revolution against consumerism, sometimes it's just the delight someone feels when they don't have around them any unnecessary things that blur their vision. Sometimes it's pure consumerism but for things that look minimalistic!

Many people can work really well in a messy environment, chaos and shots of disorganised stimuli inspire them and make them better performers. Most convinced minimalists, on the other hand, rejoice in the art of tidying. A clear space is a clear mind where energy flows, so to speak.

Whether you only like the aesthetic or are curious about the philosophy, minimalism is something everyone should try at least once. Tailor it for you. We all have things that run us down, sometimes we notice, sometimes we don't. And many times one of those things is actually our wardrobes. Full of long forgotten pieces that don't fit us, that we don't like, that are old and raggish, out of style or that don't represent us anymore. It's amazing what cleaning and organising can do to our minds, how much clearer we can think after a wardrobe detox session.

I'm not sure whether I am a minimalist or not. I can't deal with clutter, my house, my desk at work, the inside of my handbags are all super clean, super organised and super tidy. But on a canvas of black, grey and white all my art is super colourful, my kitchen is full of gadgets which I use regularly to cook. I like clean lines in my clothes but boy do I like my prints! And frankly I do own more than I should.... So what does that make me?

Would you be vamping up your wardrobe this summer? What do you think about minimalism?




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