A couple of weeks ago we talked about fashion trends and how to go about adapting them to our personal style and body shape.

Fashion is like Art, you can admire many artists and techniques, but not every piece will work with your décor at home!

I wrote a post specific for men and the easiest Spring/Summer 2016 looks and how to pull them off. 

Now it's time for the ladies in the house! We are so flooded with magazine articles, catwalk pictures, celeb looks that it's difficult to tailor down the key tendencies for this season. But I've got you covered.

The top 7 things to consider experimenting with are:

The slip on dress.

The 90s are having a huge comeback and one of the biggest protagonists fashion wise was definitely the slip on dress! Hugely popularized by Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. It's not an easy option for most women, but if you want to make it part of an outfit and wear it underneath a bomber jacket or another piece of outer wear, almost anyone can pull it off. If worn on its own I do believe your arms will look better if toned....

Checkers, checkers.

In the early noughties everything was about checkers and squares everywhere. For many years they were relegated to the indie scene but now they are back in picnic form! The good thing about this trend is that anyone can jump on it, you don't need to wear a squares print dress to be fashionable, it could be a scarf, shoes, even a clutch. Just make sure you choose a colour that suits you and a size of checkers which is in line with your proportions.

Bright colours.

If you have a quick look at the runway looks for this season you automatically notice the vibrancy: bright colours are on trend, you can mix and match within your outfit or play with dadaist prints.

The thing with colours is that we all have some we look good on, so it's a matter of figuring out if warm colours or cold colours are the ones that suit you best and then experiment within the shapes that work for you. If you like bold colours but are afraid of using them in a garment why not start from accessories?


All those Marie Antoinette fans out there are probably beaming! They are everywhere. In sleeves, hems, skirts... you name it. This might be a bolder look and perhaps not everyone can make it work or even wants to try and make it work but it's beautiful to look at.

Graphic Stripes.

This season is about mixing. Can you tell already? Checkers and... stripes? Well personally I wouldn't mix them but that's really a matter of personal taste and at the very least there is definitely space in our wardrobes for both!

Graphic Bags and Bespoke Backpacks

But it's not all about the 90s. Does anyone remember those 80s flashy graphics? They are all over this summer's bags and purses.

Backpacks have long become fashionable, the next step is making them bespoke or at least customize them with your initials!

Haute slippers.

Not everyone finds them comfortable but it's easy to find a pair of mules that work with your casual outfits, you can find minimalistic ones in black, white, nude. Bolder ones with lace, prints and metallic gleam. If you manage to walk the city in them, then this could be an easy trend to adapt.

Again like I always say, not every trend is meant for us, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't experiment and try and find the right way to make it work.

What do you think about this season's fashion? Have you gone summer shopping yet?





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