It's that time of the year again: the sun is shining, beaches get crowded, afternoons are spent by the swimming pool... We can already feel the sand, smell the ocean, see our skin getting tanned. It's paradise season!

Then we remember we haven't bought any new bikinis or swimsuits yet... and panic ensues.

 Don't worry, here are some tips that will help you. If you don't think I have you covered give me a shout!

When choosing a bathing suit you should strike to feel comfortable in your own skin, there are tricks that can help us enhance or conceal different body parts depending on what we want to achieve. It's important to remember that harmony is what pleases the eye, and while increasing or shrinking one of our assets is impossible, colours, cuts, shapes and prints can help us achieve the illusion of harmonised curves. With swimsuits you have more options because playing with lines and patterns you can create more optic illusion.

If you are lucky to have an athletic body that has a little bit of curve then, congratulations! You will look good in almost anything. Also an hourglass figure is the easiest to shop for. Love your curves, just make sure you have the right support. 

However, some athletic women feel self conscious about their broad shoulders, if you'd like to soften them a little, you should think about choosing pieces with thick straps. You can balance your lower part by wearing  bottoms that make your hips and bum look wider, with loud prints, and light colours.

Ladies with full hips and thighs, there are two very different opinions on what's the best way to flatter round thighs. Some people believe the best way is to wear longer bottoms that simulate shorts or even go for the skirt effect; others defend the best approach is to try and make your legs look longer and more svelte running away from said shorts and wearing high cut leg bottoms that draw attention upwards. Try both options and see what you feel most comfortable with.

And if your bust doesn't stack up to you hips, swimsuits and bikinis that have a darker plain bottom and a brighter and/or print top will look amazing on you, making you look proportionate.

If you have a tummy and/or love handles and you don't feel like flaunting them (there is no reason why you shouldn't) you have a lot of options too: You can wear a swim suit that hides that pouch (inverted Vs prints create a slimming illusion) a bikini with a long top, or a high waist bottom with lines on the sides. If hiding back fat is what worries you, choose swimsuits that go a little bit higher on the back.

Choosing the right kind of materials is half a battle won. Thicker fabric would make everything look smoother and keep it all in place boosting your confidence.

When summer comes, we all secretly wish we had infinite legs like the ones shown in Baywatchers, unless you are one of the lucky ones who already have them of course. The trick to make your pins look never ending is to wear high cut leg bottoms, the more leg you show, the longer they'll look.

If you have a bust on the smaller side, you can either choose styles that would look good on you because of your small bust, or create the illusion that it's bigger, that depends on you. But I would avoid solid colour swimsuits because they would make you look flat.

You would look great in bandeaus and triangle tops, however, if you'd like to give your breasts a rounder look, you can wear them with under-wires and/or inside pads. Don't be shy with colours and prints because it would make your chest look fuller.

However, if you have a generous bust, the key here is support, support, support. Go for tops that can be adjustable and work the way a bra would, so you feel as comfortable as if you were wearing one. Think about it this way, if it only comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, it's not for you. You need a properly measured size for your breasts. Cups, and under-wires are your friends. Swimsuits also come with supportive foam cups. Go for thicker straps and materials that provide support and lift effect, you'd look amazing.

If you want to balance a big chest with a smaller or narrower bottom, you can draw the attention to your bottom with patterns and bright colours, and wear darker tones on top.

Have you found your perfect piece yet? Where will you be flaunting it? Tell me in the comments below!




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