Some think they are only a trend, others can't shut up about their properties and how good they make them feel.

Most of us spend the week running from one place to the other with barely a few minutes to spare. We don't have time to watch our favourite TV shows sometimes, but we still need to make sure our diets are rich enough to provide us with every single thing our bodies need.

I suggest you try it. Take a week (when you aren't on holidays) and try to keep track of every single thing you eat. Chances are you aren't getting enough protein, amino-acids, iron... don't even get me started on your 5 a day...

Here's how green smoothies can help:

Part superfood, part Instagram sensation, these healthy drinks can help you feel full of energy, see your skin getting clear and even sleep better. Provided you choose the right ingredients and you make them yourself. I'm not claiming every bottled smoothie out there is a span of Satan, but often they have been packed with conservatives and refined sugars.

Besides omega 3 rich food, fruits and veggies, greens are the next thing we aren't taking enough of. Think of greens as your own little health insurance, from fighting cancer cells to keeping heart diseases at bay, they are a holly grail.

There are plenty of delicious greens you can choose from when experimenting (that's perhaps the best part of it all, letting your inner child play with ingredients until you find the right matches for you): spinach, kale, parsley, Swiss chard, green tea leaves...

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth you can mix them with sweet fruits such as bananas, apples, peaches, strawberries...

If you prefer an acidic or sour taste, throw in some ginger, cucumber, lime, lemon or raspberries.

You can experiment with types of milk (coconut and almond milk always with the mix an amazing texture), crushed ice and, if you feel particularly decadent, dark chocolate powder!

Here's one recipe I've been enjoying lately:

* Cucumber

* Celery

* Spinach

* Lime

* A splash of agave syrup 

I've tried many combinations of different ingredients, some were horrific, some delicious. But that's exactly the key: keep trying till you find what you enjoy.

Have you jumped into the green smoothie wagon yet? Which are your favourite mixes?




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