A few days ago I wrote a post with some tips for the ladies out there who haven't got their dream bathing suits yet. Followed by a rather comic one (well that was my intent...) complaining about funny men in Speedos.

I think it's time I write seriously about this for the gentlemen who stumble upon my blog.

Now that we are clear about Speedos being a big NO (a good friend tells me they might have a proper come back in the UK soon... Did you hear that? That's the sound of hundreds of women shivering). What's a man to wear to the beach or swimming pool these days?

Swimwear and casual wear lines are starting to get blurrier and blurrier, as my friend has kindly pointed it out.

What does this mean?

A fashionable, well cut, shape flattering pair of swim shorts might not be enough anymore.

If you want the piece to take you from the beach, to a brunch with views, and an early evening trip on a friend's boat, you need to choose carefully.

Fabrics can't be noisy or too obvious. Remember they must double function, dry quickly but fall well so you can pair them up with a nice casual top (summer shirt, t-shirt, polo...) and have a refined look. Think about it this way, will you go on an afternoon stroll around Piccadilly wearing them? If the answer is yes, you might have found yourself a winner. You should be able to take them to the beach club without feeling tacky.

French and Canadian brands are always a good choice for this type of look.

French and Canadian brands are always a good choice for this type of look.

Don't forget to choose the right length for you, not every cut will look flattering on every man, your height, leg length and width and even sometimes age, should be factors to consider to make sure you look a 10. You don't always have to go for classic prints and designs but, when in doubt, choose a plain pair with a colour that looks good on you.

And if you'd like to go on to the next level, you can try some of the new models that come with deep UV protection for when you forget to put that sun cream, Vitamin D and ultra drying superpowers (okay maybe not superpowers but close to it).

What do you think about this new trend of taking your beach wear everywhere with you?




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