Fashion is obviously a big part of my life, I'm a personal stylist and my wardrobe isn't exactly empty...
Although I have my favourite brands and designers and I do stay loyal to the things I like (and fit me) – Hello Pucci! - I also enjoy finding new talent and keeping an eye on new creators and their ideas.
Italy gives birth to quite a lot of super famous designers – It's not the capital of Fashion for nothing - however there's a general sense that there is less focus on the new generations. Unlike London which is a well known breeding ground for emerging designers Milan is home to the more established names. Here are some three young Italian designers that you should check out:

Au Jour Le Jour:

Founded in 2010 by designers Diego Marquez and Mirko Fontana.
Their collections (for both men and women) are colourful, full of patterns and pop culture references. Inspired by youth culture from the 50s to this day.
Everything about the brand is fresh and funny, their shows, their website and decoration. 

Andrea Incontri:

He's the Creative Director of Tod's menswear collection.
But he balances that with a brand of his own. He releases two collections per year, also for both men and women.
His designs are very structure based. He likes to enhance women's and men's natural shape and figure. The cuts are architectural and refined. Short tops/jackets, high wasted trousers and skirts. He works a lot with silk, leather and suede always making sure everything looks sharp to the eye.
Interesting enough, Incontri started as a product designer, and perhaps he has brought that love for slickness into his new creative venture.

Nicolò Beretta:

Beretta is only 20 and his shoe designs have already walked on many celebrities feet!
His brand Giannico, spikes up classical shoe shapes with surprising materials in the soles and as ornaments. Sometimes close to a social satire – the salon shoes covered in pills – others making ballerina shoes fun again, he definitely has a bright future ahead.

Do you like Italian designers? Do you try to keep track on your country's talent? Let me know in the comments below.




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