Gluten free please. Dairy free please. Tomato free please. Nuts free please.

If you suffer any food allergies or intolerance you are most likely tired of repeating a sentence similar to those ones over and over again.

I feel like the way our bodies react to certain things that are meant to be nourishing is not talked about with enough competence and too often judged and mocked. Unless you are a celiac, lactose intolerant or extremely allergic to nuts.

Obviously those are very dangerous allergies to have, eating them will cause whoever suffers from them great pain, a hospital visit and near death experiences.

However, there are other kind of food intolerances that aren't talked about as much, especially by our doctors.

Every body is different and we are all exposed to different environments since we are born, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that considering the huge amount of edible products we have out there, our bodies don't react well to all of them.

The worst part is that not everything is visible, like let's say a seafood allergy that usually shows as a rash or some kind of redness and swollen patch in the body.

Sometimes certain foods affect our quality of life without us realising it and we keep trying to find culprits and make lifestyle changes but nothing gets better, because no one tells us that, more often than not, it's what we eat.

Bad digestion, chronic tiredness, headaches, certain types of depression, bloated tummies, body pain, mood changes, mind fogginess, you name it. When we don't eat what we are supposed to our bodies rebel against us and show it to us in many colourful ways.

Thankfully, I'm not a celiac but I'm quite intolerant to products that contain gluten and my life becomes easier when I avoid it. And before you ask: no, I didn't just decide to follow a trend, I did proper blood and other tests to figure out what was wrong with me. You'd be surprised to know how many people actually question my choice of avoiding gluten. Everybody seems to be an expert these days.

I know some people can't handle sugar well, it gives them crashes and they lose mental focus and become slightly lethargic.

If you haven't been feeling like you are at your 100%, consider doing a food intolerance test, find out what your body likes and doesn't like. And make changes to your diet. It will be hard at first but once you start feeling better you will hang in there.

What do you think about this? Are there any kind of products you avoid eating for any reason? Do you feel better when you do it?




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