If there is something that comes hand in hand with summer besides holidays by the seaside and iced lattes, it's weddings.

From May to late September, most couples decide to tie the knot during the warmer months of the year (albeit in the northern hemisphere).

And more often than not everyone decides to get married on the same year for whatever reason, so there might be summers when you find yourself committed to three or four ceremonies.

You are happy. Two of your friends or colleagues are about to start a future together, it's a moment of celebration, dancing, eating... Everything is fabulous. Except... You need to figure out what to wear.

The biggest problem with wedding friendly attire is that many times we wear it once for the occasion and that's it, the outfit is left forgotten at the back of our wardrobes. It's a waste of money and space.

Truthfully it's not just an issue with weddings, it's a mistake we make over and over again that causes all the drama: We don't think about the future of the garment.

It's 2016. There's really no excuse.

We live in an age when wearing black or odd white to a wedding is no longer considered blasphemous, I think it's time we realise that buying an outfit specifically for a wedding is old fashioned and makes no sense.

This is perhaps something that mostly women suffer. Men do tend to have versatile suits they can vamp up with a new tie, waistcoat, bow... but I know there are guys out there who also buy something everytime.

That said, here are some tips (for both the ladies and the gentlemen in the house) on how to choose an outfit for that wedding that's around the corner:


1. Think about the kind of wedding it's going to be. Will it be black tie? Formal? Casual? Did the bride and the broom give any specifics about how the guests should dress? Will it be a morning, afternoon or evening one? What kind of weather is to be expected? Once you have an overall idea of what you will have to deal with, you can make wiser choices.


2. Now look at your wardrobe. Seriously, really look at it. Do you have something already you can use? It doesn't have to be the core of the outfit, perhaps you only have the accessories ready but that's already a step in the right direction. If you are a man think of the suits you have, blazers, smart trousers, shirts, belts, ties, bow ties, cufflinks... And if you are a woman check your dresses, long, midi and short, your tops, skirts, dressy trousers, shoes, jewellery, handbags...


3. Decide what kind of look you are going for. If you have everything you need, congratulations! And if there is anything missing, big or small, think about going shopping. But shop smart, not fast. Whatever you are thinking of buying, consider the versatility of the item/s. Will you be able to wear it again regularly enough? Perhaps you can customise it afterwards. Consider every aspect and if you purchase something, make sure it's a piece you would have bought anyway, wedding or not, because it's useful and you like it.


4. Personal style. Many times I see people dressed in ''wedding clothes'', you know the ones. Outfits that cannot belong anywhere but at a wedding, they all look slightly similar and it feels like all sense of personal style is lost. Don't make that mistake. Your personal touch can survive to any occasion, you just need to learn how to implement it. Make the outfit your own and you will feel and look fantastic.


5. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you are a guy, don't fall into the temptation of wearing a boring dark suit with a white or blue shirt and the rigorous tie. Experiment with colours and fabrics. Think of a light coloured suit. If the dress code allows it, exchange the expected tie or bowtie for a simple lavalier or cravat. Perhaps braces. You get the idea. If you are a woman, don't be afraid of so many options!

Are you going to any weddings this month? What are you wearing? Tell me in the comments below!




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