We work hard, save up for months, carefully decide which gorgeous pieces we want to invest on... and then we forget about the most vital part!

How to look after our purchases!

I think it's a bit comic how we can spend so many hours researching and contrasting opinions, reviews and experiences about a garment or an accessory, but then think it's acceptable to only give the aftercare a 5 minutes thought.

Whatever it is you buy, please put the time to find out how to properly look after it.

If it's a watch, learn how to keep it clean and on the spot. If it's a good handbag, ask how to protect it from direct light, the sun and the rain. How to clean it, maintain it and store it so it's as good as new for many many years.

If it's clothes, how to wash them, what type of dry cleaner, steaming or ironing, etc.

This is especially important when it's a luxury item. You wouldn't want to get it ruined after a year of buying it, would you?

The more time you invest in educating yourself on how to look after your possessions, the more you will learn about materials and craftsmanship and the better decisions you will make in the future buying wise.

Do you take good care of all your clothes and accessories? Where do you find all the info you need? Tell me in the comments below!




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