It's the middle of summer and many have already spent a couple of days by the sea or visited a beach or two. Even if all you've done is check the magazines and watch the TV news, I'm sure you've caught a glimpse of the fabulous fauna you can find chilling on the sand during the hottest months of the year.

We all have a certain percentage of one or some of them. Which ones are you and your friends?


1. The Hollywood stars.

Everything must be and look perfect. Their towels are trendy and always spotless, somehow they've been blessed with superpowers and sand just never dares to fall on the place where they are laying down to catch some rays. Their swimwear is fashionable and full of details, the outfits aren't complete without some accessories here and there. Hair always under control and styled. Some girls even wear a bit of make up. Somehow they are already tanned and looked live they've been on holidays for a month even if it's their first day. Think cocktails, sunbeds, oils and an aura of film perfection.


2. The ones who are there on a mission.

It doesn't matter which mission that is. It could be getting tanned, swimming, reading a book, going on a walk... They have everything under control and they are ready. It doesn't matter what you have in mind, they are 100% ready for it. And they will succeed with absolute precision.


3. The Sporty ones

Beach volleyball, football, tennis, you name it. They usually move in groups and are there to break a sweat while they earn a tan. Maybe a swim or too between matches to cool off. Tend to bring music with them.


4. Going to a rave

I wrote a whole post about how to avoid being confused with one of these. They are the easiest to spot. You can't be sure if they are lost on their way to a rave or they simply don't own any mirrors (or honest friends). They wear Speedos (shivers), Matrix sunglasses and sometimes an Adidas zipped jumper to round the outfit. They walk as straight as possible, proud of wearing tackiness as a badge of honour. Austin Powers would be proud.


5. The Water Professionals

Sun bathing and jumping on the waves is for children and peasants. They are there to surf, windsurf, kite surf, ski surf (anything that ends with surf), board, flyboard, bodyboard (anything that ends with board), row on a canoe or kayak, maybe do some sailing and a long swim at the end of the day. They mean business and they are probably looking down at you.




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