A warm evening or a Sunday morning, surrounded by your friends and family in a nice garden or perhaps even by the sea. Summer is the perfect time to organise a good old bbq.

But it's not all grilled chicken and pork ribs with the occasional sirloin.

Now that the weather is nice, we have zero excuses to not be inspired!

Here's how to spice things up!

Ingredients you need:

For the food:

- Lamb ribs

- King prawns

- Good sized fresh mackerels

- Big yellow and red Italian peppers 

- Courgettes

- Aubergine 

- Slightly boiled potatoes 

- Salad leaves

- Cherry tomatoes

- Pineapples

- Mangos

- Raspberries

- Bread, better if thick 

- Mixed olives

- A selection of your favourite cheese

- Salt, pepper, chilli powder, basil, olive oil, vinegar.


For the drinks:

- Red and white wine

- Homemade orange juice 

- Lemons

- Water

- Mint leaves

- A pinch of sugar

- Ice


How to:

Set up the barbecue a couple of hours before you want to cook to make sure that it's hot enough but it hasn't been rushed.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper on lamb ribs and mackerels and put them over the grills.

Soak the king prawns in a bit of chilli powder, salt and basil and place them there as well.

Under it, on the second tray, spread the slightly boiled (around 15 minutes) potatoes, and peppers, courgettes and aubergines cut in long slices.

While all of that is being cooked (remember to regularly keep an eye on it, especially the fish!), put the salad leaves and cherry tomatoes in a big plate, season with salt and olive oil. Keep the vinegar on the side, for the people who enjoy it.

Open the pineapples and carefully cut them in half emptying each half until they look like bowls. Chop the pineapple meat in little squares and add them in. Peel the mangos and chop them, add them to the mix. Lastly, top it with the raspberries.

By then, the mackerel, the King prawns and the veggies will be ready. Put them in separate trays and flip the lamb ribs for 10 minutes more. Serve.

Serve the red and white wine and leave one bottle off red to make a homemade sangria. Mix 1/2 wine with 1/4 of water and 1/4 of homemade orange juice. Add a pinch of sugar and slices of lemon. Serve with ice.

Get the juice of 5 lemons and mix it with water, a pinch of sugar and throw the mint leaves in. That would make a great lemonade!

And there you go! A different kind of barbecue but equally as delicious!

What do you like to cook during the summertime? Share your recipes with me below please, I'll let you know if I try them!




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