We've all been there.

It's the first or second day of the holidays and you are eager to get that tan going. 

You run to the beach or the pool after (maybe) sloppily applying some sunscreen as fast as you could.

The air is warm. You are surrounded by cool summer vibes. And you can't wait to sun bathe. 

First one side, then the other. A swim here and there, perhaps even a walk or a sport under the sun...

Eight hours later you realise that you've completely forgotten to reapply your sun block. You shrug. Surely you'll be fine...


You get back home. Ready to go have a nice dinner in a terrace or a cooling cocktail with some friends. You jump into the shower and... ouch!

Suddenly your skin is sore all over. You can't handle even the slightest hint of warmth on it. 

You are puzzled. You look into the mirror and sure enough you have big patches of red skin somewhere in your body.

You sigh. 

Well hello sun burn!

Unfortunately this happens to vacationers more often than it should.

It's very important to look after your skin and protect it from sun radiation properly. Failing to do that regularly can give you skin problems, age it prematurely and trigger skin cancer. No one wants that!

It doesn't matter how dark your skin is. Remember to use a SPF cream on body and face of at least SPF15 (higher for the face). Apply it liberally and reapply if you sweat a lot or go swimming.

However, once it's done it's done.

Here's how to heal a sun burn well:

- As soon as you notice it, step out of the sun.

- Run cold water over it and apply a cool compress or ice pack covered in a cloth to it. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help with the pain and keep it from getting swollen.

- Rinse it again with cold water and gently dry it tapping carefully. 

- Leave just a hint of water there and spread some oil (Bio oil is very good for it) to trap the moisture.

- Once the oil has been absorbed, put on a good moisturising cream. Think Eucerin or something like that.

- Take an ibuprofen to ease the pain if you are really during too much.

- Protect the area with clothes/gauzes.

- Repeat every 4 to 6 hours.

- The following day, apply some aloe vera juice if you can find it. Forget those aloe gels. Use the real plant (I think they sell them in some Ikeas! It's good to always have one at home!)


It's very important to let the skin recover, if you peel, the second layer will be very tender for at least 3 to 6 months.

Sun burns aren't cute and they can ruin your holidays so remember to take 10 minutes every couple of hours to prevent them. Use sun block that smells amazing and soak in the summery airs!




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