August has come to an end and now September is banging in our doors with thick magazine issues and promises of autumn.

Another thing that September brings is Fashion Week. During the whole month many cities around the world will set aside between 7 and 10 days to devote to the fashion industry and what's to come.

Designers and brands will showcase the latest trends we will be wearing (or if not wearing looking at) next year.

For all the fashion lovers out there, September is a month of cult, everything revolves around our passion and anticipation and preparations take over our world. Attending FW seems like the best way to say goodbye to a perfect summer, however, sometimes it can be tough, above all if you are a first timer.

It doesn't matter if you are doing London, Milan, Paris or New York. Fashion Week is like a music festival: if you want to succeed, you need a plan. Whether your intention is networking, learning, posting about it or simply enjoying the circus and its entourage, organisation will make sure you get the best of those magical days.


Here are my top five tips on how to do Fashion Week right:


  • Decide what you are going for. It's important to know what you will be doing there. If you have a fashion related business, blog, or if you work or want to work in the industry, our goals might not be the same as someone who is there just to hang out and see clothes. Make up your mind and write down a plan. When you have specific goals it's easier to get things done and not waste opportunities.


  • Get a program as soon as possible and start scheduling. As soon as the shows and events schedule is online, print it and read through it carefully. There are probably a few events and runway shows you already know you want to see, but don't close yourself completely and consider going to see designers you don't know a lot about if you have the time. Remember you might need an invitation to each show and party you are attending, so if you don't have them, get in touch with all the PRs as soon as possible.


  • Make sure you take everything you need. Camera, phone, charger, business cards, your bag and killer but comfortable pair of shoes. Perhaps even an extra outfit for the evening. You do you. Write down a list of must haves and get them all ready the night before the madness begins. You will be thankful.


  • Plan your outfits. It wouldn't be called Fashion Week if it wasn't all about the clothes! It doesn't matter if you are trying to make a statement, be seen or just look chic while having a good time, plan your outfits. Decide what you are going to wear each day to all the events and parties and make sure everything is clean, pressed and ready. You won't have much time during that hectic week, and when you come home at night, you'll probably crash and sleep.


  • Talk to people. The best part about FW is all the people you get to enjoy it with. Make new friends and learn as much as you can.


Are you counting the days for Fashion Week? Will you be going to any of them or following every step from the comfort of your home? Tell me in the comments below!




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