We've all seen them, those men walking effortlessly downtown with their amazing outfits and different levels of grey in their hair. They look interesting. Most of us have had that thought pop in our heads at some point. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, grey hair in men has always had an aura of respect and even fashionable allure.

However, if you are a woman and you step out of your house with grey hair, you might be frowned upon or give an impression of lack of self care. Unless you are over 70 and go full grey. Being in your thirties, forties, fifties or sixties... and deciding to wear some streaks or patches of grey hair because you don't want to dye it, people say, just doesn't look good.


At the beginning of summer, I went to a fabulous wedding in Paris. Besides the gorgeous bride, the most beautiful woman was a lady with a stylish mane of grey hair. Of course it helped that she was tall with lithe limbs and a fine bone structure... She was striking. I must confess that I don't feel I have enough grey hair to let it show, so I regularly go to see Brooke at Four, she's the best and my hair looks its natural colour thanks to her. I'd love to let it all become grey but with just a few strands in odd places I feel unkempt. 

Only very recently some women are starting to realise that grey also looks gorgeous in them and not just their male counterparts. More power to them. It's not something that must be covered and hidden at all costs. In a world where more people dare to try different shades of colour in their hair, from red to platinum blonde to blue, embracing your grey streaks or full wig is another option. And one that we all should consider. Being a middle aged woman also makes us look interesting and well lived, it's not something exclusive for men, we only need to flaunt it with the same airs of wisdom and coolness they use!

After reading a very good Man Repeller article about it, I got inspired and decided to look into how to take care of grey hair.


Here's what I've found out:

  • Blue shampoo and toner: You should use a blue shampoo and a toner if you go full grey because with sun exposure it can get a very nasty yellowish colour. Blue shampoo is used by platinum blondes too, to tone down the yellows and oranges of their hair. With it your locks will look a beautiful silver.


  • Protect and moisturise: Grey hair can be thicker and rough, to make it smooth and keep it shiny, make sure you protect it from the sun and everyday toxicities with a good antioxidant serum. And remember to use a rich conditioner everytime you wash your hair, there are specific ones for grey hair that would leave your hair soft and ready for any styling you might want.


  • Be aware of the frizz: Because silver locks are more rugged, sometimes they can frizz and give your wig a horrible fried look. Use a very light shine spray to combat this and see your hair looking its best.


I would also suggest to adapt your make up to your new hair colour to look even more fabulous.


Do you wear a few streaks of grey hair? Have you gone full grey? Would you consider it in the future? Tell me in the comments below!





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