There is this huge misconception that one can only look elegant and chic wearing neutrals. Perhaps even the odd brown or terracotta colour scheme.

Adding lots of colours to our wardrobes isn't always a priority when we are thinking about how to dress for work or for a night out but there is no reason why we shouldn't.


I think the main reason some hesitate to add that spark of life into their day to day outfits is because pulling yellow, blue, pink, red or purple off can be harder than making a combination of black, white and navy work. 

There are more things to consider.

Not every degree of brightness will look amazing on you, that's true.

However, spending some time trying to figure out which shades and colour temperature (cold or warm, with blue or yellow undertones, etc) will be worth it!  There are other qualities to consider, namely tone, density and clarity, but once you understand which colours make your skin and face glow, you will be wondering why you have been "punishing" yourself with a life on the grey-scale for so long. 

You can still look put together and glamorous as long as you remember to choose the right pieces and you combine colours and accessories correctly.

In fact, adding more tones to your clothes will round your style and help you in the quest to refine the messages you send to the world everyday. You have more options, which means you have a bigger palette to paint your present.

What do you think about colours? Do you wear them regularly? Would you like me to talk about brands and designers that are doing colours the right way?





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