Bras. They look like simple items right?

When you need one, you go to the shop, grab one, and buy it like a pair of socks. Not rocket science.


Choosing a bra, wearing one or not wearing it, picking one depending on the occasion or change style and size when your body inevitably changes. It's an important process and we don't talk about it enough.

Wearing the wrong bra can affect how you feel about everything else. If it isn't comfortable, doesn't fit you well at the back, if the support isn't enough or is too much, if the stripes aren't at the right length... it can truly ruin your day. Because that's all you'll be able to think about. How itchy and uncomfortable you feel. Your amazing pair of new boots, your great accomplishment at work, everything disappears. There's only you and the bra from Hell.

Sometimes you do feel comfortable in it but it doesn't flatter you. And you don't even realise it, because you are used to it. Our breasts change overtime, and what once looked good might not do the trick now. Also bras get old and lose effectiveness. Wearing the wrong kind of bra can make or break a look. 

Every woman should go to a serious place where they know what they are doing, and get their chest area properly measured. Most women wear the wrong size or shape without realising. Once you are wearing a properly fitted one you'll know because your posture will improve and your clothes will hang better on you.

The problem with going to a shop, asking for a size and then be on your merry way, is that sizing is complicated. To this day it hasn't been mastered, there are too many variables and nuances and the existing sizing tables are far from perfect. Just measuring how wide your chest is and the fullness of a breast isn't enough. So many other details make a bust different.

It's not a perfect system but it's all we've got now so being properly measured is indispensable to make the right choices.

Now with the smart clothes trend knocking on everyone's doors, maybe our bras will become even more useful and help us track our health and vitals, maybe even keep us warm or cool.

And don't even get me started on sports bra. That's another branch of science altogether that I should definitely talk about in the near future.

How much attention do you pay to your bras?





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