A staple in most women's wardrobes these days. More men should jump on the bandwagon.

I mean, Marlon Brando must have known what he was doing, right?

Leather jackets aren't just for the musically inclined. Forget all the preconception you have about them, leather can be cut in many different flattering ways not just in biker style and, worn correctly, can add something to many different styles.


Black, chocolate brown, tawny, caramel, grey... You choose the colour that you prefer and looks best on you. Whatever you choose make sure it's good quality leather. The weight and suppleness of the leather will have to flatter your body type, so choose wisely.


There are also many textures you can choose from depending on what you are going for or what you need the jacket for, but again don't forget your body type. Rougher leather can give the piece a bit of an edge while very soft one adds elegance, but worn on the wrong body the effect will be lost.


It's the same with shapes. As I said before biker isn't the only leather jacket style out there. There are leather blazers, bombers, vests, you name it. Depending on your lifestyle, body type and age you might go for one or the other (perhaps even all of them) but no matter which one you choose, this is the kind of timeless piece that can spice up a closet.


Here are a few suggestions on how to wear it:


  • Aviator style. Really cool paired with green or brown chinos and a lighter turtleneck for a day in the country or to bring a rustic fall look into your urban life.


  • Blazer. Suitable for most people's work when worn right. You can put it over a suit to give it an edge without losing elegance.


  • Bomber. Together with your favourite jeans and shirt, it can take you from Saturday brunch all throughout the day until the evening, whatever your plans are, be it a club, an event, or a nice dinner out.


  • Biker. It doesn't work for everyone, I know. For many it might be a bit of a stretch, but if you are daring enough, a good quality biker jacket can take you from 0 to Brando in 5 seconds.


Do you own a leather jacket yet? Where do you usually sport it?





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