Most of us have one. That trusty leather jacket that is 50% swag and 50% outfit transformer.

The leather jacket.

And I feel like the 'The' is needed because during the past decade this piece has been creeping into our wardrobes and slowly claiming its own spot just like the LBD (little black dress) did before.

Its magical powers include helping you dressing down almost any outfit, transforming a ladylike look into a more edgy one, and making us look badass in general.

Unlike men, I think we, the ladies in the house, don't need a lot of encouraging on buying one (at least most of us), I see many different kinds of women within a huge age range sporting their jackets in the street, in events and occasionally at work.


So I'm not here to convince you, I'm here to suggest a few ways to put your favourite one to good use. Perhaps make you consider getting one if you don't own one yet.


Here's how to use it in different combinations:

  • Over your girliest dress/outfit. It doesn't matter how feminine or lady looking an outfit is, if you combine it with a leather jacket, you will be adding a new layer to it.


  • With black trousers and a light top. It doesn't matter if the trousers are jeans, chinos or from a suit. Just like it also doesn't matter if the top is a blouse, a sharp shirt or a simple t-shirt. There is something about those three items together that just works. Play with the accessories to give a spark of colour or add your personal touch to a perfectly acceptable weekly uniform.


  • With a tee and a midi skirt. Think a midi skirt that flatters your height and shape. For some it might be an A cut one, for others it would be a tube, there are many options. A good quality top tugged in and your leather jacket over your shoulders.


  • With leather trousers and high heels. Now, I can't think of a better way to nail that party or night out. Pair with leather trousers and your highest heels and dance the night away!


Which are your favourite ways or wearing a leather jacket? Do you own one? Two? Or do you think your wardrobe is perfectly complete with it? Share your tips on how you look after your precious in the comments below!





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