The year has only just started and fashion weeks are already knocking on our doors.

Starting with London Fashion Week for men! I saw some gorgeous outfits and potential trends in the runway already.

A few key points that stand out:

- Tucked in tops.

- Skinny jeans remain retired in exchange for more comfortable trouser shapes.

- The 70s are here to stay it seems, and with them high roll necks.

- Similar to last year, pyjama inspired fabrics and co-ords are still staples

- Leather everything

- A good 90s patchwork. Who would have thought colourful patches would be trendy again? Not me.

- Crop tops. Because showing your belly isn't just a woman's game. 


Here are some cool examples of what's to come in stores everywhere:


Did you follow London's Men's Fashion Week? Which were your favourite outifts and trends?


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